Mike Pence to attend Joe Biden's inauguration

Photo: via Megan Varner | Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence is planning to attend the inauguration ceremony of newly elected President Joe Biden on 20th January according to National Public Radio.

After President Trump announced not to attend the inauguration ceremony on Twitter, Vice President Mike decided to attend the inauguration ceremony the following day.

Trump claimed the election to be rigged which resulted in pro-Trump supporters to storm the US Capitol on Wednesday. 5 people lost their lives during the US Capitol riot.

Biden responded positively to President Trump's decision not to attend the inauguration. Vice President Pence is "welcome to come. I'd be honored to have him there."

On Thursday morning, after congress finished tallying Electoral College votes, Vice President Pence reiterated Biden's win despite pressure from President Trump. Trump had called Pence to display "extreme courage" by opposing the certification process.

Former presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton are also expected to attend the inauguration.

Despite the events of Wednesday, The swearing-in will take place on Capitol's West Front, The congressional committee that plans the inauguration ceremony reported. There will be tight security. Due to the risk of coronavirus, the team planning the ceremony had advised people not to travel to Washington and said The event's "footprint will be extremely limited, and the parade that follows will be reimagined,"

If Trump doesn't show up at the inauguration, he will be the first President in history, not to attend the swearing-in of his successor after Andrew Johnson.

Publish : 2021-01-10 12:27:00

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