Ukraine war

Kyiv launches rockets into Russian-held region in southern Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen are seen on a tank loaded on a military truck, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in the Donbas region, Ukraine July 12, 2022. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

Ukraine launched long-range rocket attacks against Russian forces in southern Ukraine and damaged a munitions depot, according to the Ukrainian military, while Russia continued to bombard the country's east.

Tuesday, the Ukrainian military said that 52 persons were killed in the attack on Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region. According to Russia's TASS news agency, the Russia-installed authorities of the town announced that at least seven people had been killed and approximately 70 injured.

The attack occurred after the United States delivered Ukraine with modern HIMARS mobile artillery weapons, which Kyiv claims are being utilized with increasing effectiveness by Ukrainian forces.

Reuters was unable to confirm the tales on the battlefield independently.

"Based on the results of our rocket and artillery units, the enemy lost 52 (people), a Msta-B howitzer, a mortar and seven armoured and other vehicles, as well as an ammunition depot in Nova Kakhovka," stated a statement from Ukraine's southern military command.

The attack, according to pro-Russian sources, killed people.

Due to its access to the Black Sea, once-thriving agricultural industry, and location just to the north of Russian-annexed Crimea, the region is strategically significant.

Unverified videos released on social media showed an enormous fireball blazing in the night sky. Images published by Russian official media depicted a wasteland strewn with debris and the ruins of houses.

An official from the local authority supported by Russia stated that Ukraine had deployed HIMARS missiles to target warehouses carrying saltpetre, a chemical substance used to produce fertilizer and gunpowder.

"Many individuals remain buried beneath the wreckage. The injured are being sent to the hospital, but a large number of people remain trapped in their flats and homes "Vladimir Leontyev, the head of the military-civilian administration of the Kakhovka District installed by Russia, was reported by TASS as saying.

He reported that warehouses, businesses, a pharmacy, petrol stations, and a church had been destroyed.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry did not immediately react to a request for comment regarding the type of weapon employed.

Russia intensifies its Donetsk campaign

Russia continues to bombard eastern Ukraine to seize control of Donetsk province and the industrial Donbas region. Luhansk province, which comprises the rest of the Donbas, was held by Moscow earlier this month.

Russia asserts that it wishes to seize the Donbas from Ukraine on behalf of rebels in two self-proclaimed people's republics whose independence it recognized on the eve of the conflict.

Ukraine is preparing for what is anticipated to be a significant new Russian onslaught in the east. Regional Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko stated that there was a large deployment of Russian forces in the Bakhmut and Siversky regions and in the vicinity of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

He stated that the entire front line in the region was under constant fire as Russian forces attempted to break through but were repulsed.

According to TASS news, Ukrainian forces launched a "massive air strike" against an air defense unit in Luhansk, pro-Russian militia officer Andrey Marochko said on his Telegram channel.

Russia's war in Ukraine, a "special military operation," is approaching five months old and is the most significant conflict in Europe since World War II.

Russia claims it sent troops into Ukraine on February 24 to demilitarize the country and rid it of nationalists threatening Russian speakers there. Ukraine and Western nations consider Russia's allegations a bogus excuse for an assault.

U.N. estimates indicate that the fighting has ravaged Ukrainian cities and forced 5,2 million people to evacuate the nation.

The U.N. human rights agency said on Tuesday that 5,024 civilians had been killed in Ukraine since the start of the invasion, adding that the actual number is likely to be significantly higher. continued

The conflict has halted grain exports from Ukraine, worsening the global food crisis. More than 20 million tons of grain are trapped in silos at the Black Sea's most important port, Odesa.

Wednesday in Istanbul, military representatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey will meet with U.N. officials to explore a potential agreement to resume safe exports of Ukrainian grain, according to the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar.

The rehabilitation of the Bystre canal, which allows access to tiny inland river ports, has facilitated an increase in grain shipments along the Danube River, according to Ukraine's Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov.

Vaskov stated that as a result, Ukraine anticipates a monthly increase in grain exports of 500,000 tonnes. According to him, Ukraine is also in talks with Romania and the European Commission to increase supplies through the Sulina canal.

Publish : 2022-07-13 14:24:00

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