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Russian missile strikes on an eastern city leaves 9 people injured, including children

A residential building that partially destroyed by missile strikes on Dnipro late Friday. (Photo: Vitali Matokha/AFP/Getty Images)

Russian missiles struck two buildings in the central city of Dnpiro late on Friday, injuring nine people in all, nine of them were minors, according to Ukrainian officials.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy blamed the attack on "Russian missile terror," claiming that a building belonging to the Ukrainian Security Service and a contemporary 12-story apartment complex were both hit.

"We will do everything to bring Russia to full punishment for aggression and terror against our people," he continued. 

Regional Governor Serhii Lysak stated in a Telegram post that two youngsters, ages 14 and 17, were hurt alongside photographs showing a portion of one structure reduced to rubble and debris scattered in the street below. He added that seven further people, including two 20-year-old women, were hurt.

He continued, "Doctors say everything is satisfactory. The patient "will be treated at home."

Borys Filatov, the mayor of Dnpiro, stated on his personal Telegram channel that the damage around the buildings was "extensive" and that the government will try to remove the debris and determine the damages. 

Iskanders, short-range ballistic missiles with a range of up to 310 miles, were the missiles that hit, he claimed. NBC News was unable to independently confirm this assertion.

Furthermore, the residential building was slated for sale, and Filatov noted that both structures were virtually empty.

Russia claims it does not target civilian sites and that it started its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The attack happened a day after the Kremlin accused Kyiv of launching two missiles toward a city in southern Russia, but it made no immediate comments about it. 

About 24 miles east of the Ukrainian border, over Taganrog, the Russian defense ministry claimed to have shot down a Ukrainian missile. According to the ministry, the missile was a component of a Ukrainian "terror attack" because debris fell on the city. Twenty injuries were recorded by city officials.

Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine's national security and defense council, attributed the explosion to Russian air defense systems.

Later on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had shot down a second Ukrainian missile close to the city of Azov, which is located in the same region as Taganrog. The fact that debris fell in an empty area was also mentioned.

A significant oil refinery in Russia's Samara region, around 850 miles northwest of Taganrog, was hit by an explosion, according to well-known Russian legislator Alexander Khinshtein in a Telegram post.

He said that the perpetrator of the refinery explosion had been apprehended by security services while attempting to flee Russia. The suspect, according to Khinshtein, is "an employee" at the refinery and previously "moved to Russia from Ukraine."

Publish : 2023-07-29 22:15:00

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