Qatar world cup 2022

World Cup 2022: 20,000 fans to arrive daily in Doha from Gulf to enjoy the sport

View inside the 974 Stadium in Doha, Qatar. (Photo: Getty Images)

According to authorities, Qatar Airport will welcome approximately 20,000 Gulf guests every day to Doha during the World Cup.

To accommodate all ticket holders, Saudia, Kuwait Airways, flydubai, and Oman Air will organize more than 160 shuttle flights beginning on November 20 to transport fans on one-day journeys to matches.

The chief executive officer of Saudia, Ibrahim Koshy, stated that the airline would operate at least 30 round-trip flights each day between Riyadh and Jeddah, with the capacity to transport 10,000 fans.

Flydubai plans at least thirty return flights, Kuwait Airways ten, and Oman Air twenty-four, according to Tourism Minister and Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker.

Those without match tickets will not be permitted to register for the return flights.

"Like everywhere else, there has always been a lack of available lodging, so we are not exceptional. Mr. Al Baker stated that everything occurring in a single location posed the most significant difficulty for his organization.

He referred to the first World Cup in the Middle East as a "huge cake" that will provide "huge economic benefits" that Doha intends to share with its Gulf neighbors.

Airport and airspace capacity has been boosted to accommodate the month with higher arrivals. Mr. Al Baker stated that specific routes to nations not participating in the 32-nation competition would be discontinued, and others would be reduced.

Mr. Al Baker stated that the capacity of Qatar's Hamad International Airport and the older Doha International Airport would be expanded to accommodate the anticipated 1.4 million guests.

He stated that the three runways at Hamad airport could operate "continuously" during the World Cup and that the times of around 70 percent of Qatar Airways' regular flights would be adjusted so that additional flights could be scheduled.

Due to the World Cup, the airports would be responsible for handling charter flights and other airlines who have requested to start regular service.

"There will be no room left [for incoming airlines] if you customize the capacity, delay times, and holding times," cautioned Mr. Al Baker.

To expedite the processing of international passengers, "state-of-the-art immigration systems" will be implemented, he noted.

In addition to hotels, those who wish to remain in Qatar can choose from desert camps in Zafaran, Ras Bu Fontas, and Rawdat Al Jahhaniya, with rates starting at $207 per two-person cabin, and cruise ships docked in Qatar bay.

Publish : 2022-05-26 21:52:00

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