Ukraine War

Russian territories shelled by Ukrainian warplanes

The local Governor of Russia’s Bryansk Region Aleksandr Bogomaz has said that a Ukrainian warplanes attacked the governorate early on Saturday. (Photo: MehrNews)

According to Russia Today, Russia's Bryansk Region has been subjected to yet another onslaught by Ukraine.

On Saturday morning, local air defenses detected an attempted violation of the country's airspace by a Ukrainian military plane, Bogomaz stated on Telegram.

Although the aircraft was unable to enter Russia, it fired two rounds that fell in the town of Zhecha, near the two countries' shared border with Ukraine, he explained.

Although no one was killed or injured in the attack, shockwaves caused minimal damage to the local oil loading terminal's facilities.

According to Russian media, the governor also included photographs of a massive shell crater and damaged structures in his tweet.

Publish : 2022-04-30 20:16:00

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