Former senator arrested in connection with the assassination of former Haitian president

More than 40 people, including 18 former Colombian soldiers, have been arrested in the killing of Moise. (Photo: Reuters)

Haiti's National Police have announced the arrest in Jamaica of a former senator who is a primary suspect in the July 7 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

On Saturday, Gary Desrosiers, a police spokesperson, told The Associated Press that John Joel Joseph was arrested. Additional information was unavailable at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, Jamaica Police Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay told the Associated Press that additional individuals were arrested alongside Joseph, and officials determine whether they are family members. She stated that they were detained before daybreak on Saturday and declined to provide any information.

"We are not disclosing additional information for a variety of reasons," she explained.

Joseph is a Haitian politician and a critic of Moise's Tet Kale party.

"An more suspect was captured. Another chance to bring light on my husband's death," Martine Moise, who was wounded in the incident, tweeted. "Whether in Haiti or elsewhere, the pursuit of the sought must continue in order to prosecute all sponsors and perpetrators of this horrible act."

According to a still-unreleased police investigation acquired by the AP, Joseph was connected to the attack on many occasions, with at least one source identifying him as one of the attack's leaders.

According to the sources, Joseph supplied cash for the rental automobiles used by the attackers and spoke with several suspects before the killing, including Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian businessman, and evangelical pastor. He professed a desire to rule his country.

According to associates, Sanon was fooled by the assassination's real masterminds. He was apprehended immediately after the assassination.

The report indicated that the former senator brought other suspects to Joseph Badio, an accused plan leader. The latter previously worked for Haiti's Ministry of Justice and the government's anti-corruption unit before being discharged.

According to the report, phone records suggest that James Solages, a Haitian-American arrested in the case, had a WhatsApp communication with Joseph about mission preparations. Additionally, Solage informed authorities that Joseph, Badio, and Rodolphe Jaar — a Haitian national and former US government agent captured in the Dominican Republic on January 7 — were among individuals named as leaders of the operation.

Badio remains at large, but Dominican authorities claim Jaar was apprehended at the behest of US authorities.

Claude Joseph, Haiti's former minister of foreign affairs who temporarily served as interim prime minister following Mose's assassination, was among those who celebrated the arrest.

"The arrest of John Joel Joseph demonstrates that there will be no safe haven for anyone involved in the assassination, whether directly or indirectly," he stated, adding that the international effort he launched is bearing fruit.

According to the 122-page police report, officers searched at least three homes between July 10 and July 21 to locate John Jol Joseph. Still, they discovered nothing but four 12-gauge guns, ammo, and firearms accessories in the first house registered to him.

It is unknown where the former Haitian senator captured in Jamaica will be transferred.

Publish : 2022-01-16 13:12:00

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