Former AC/DC guitarist Paul Matters dies

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Paul Matters, former AC / DC bassist dies. Following the 1975 High Voltage release, Matters joined the classic rock group and replaced the Larry van Kriedt original bassist.

However, after being sacked by lead singer Bon Scott just after joining the band and replacing Mark Evans, he was only the bass player for several weeks for the Australian rock legends. Matters was originally the bass player of the Newcastle band Armageddon until in 1974 he split into the group about what Les Gully described as "musical differences" to AC / DC biographer Jesse Fink. After leaving the band, Matters lived off his disability pension and remained alone for the remainder of his days.

Matters was then recruited by AC / DC and then toured live in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney, but was then sacked. He was told by his former bandmate Gully, AC / DC, that he was "not in keeping with young [brother] oligarchy values." ... He did not really fit, was strong and sensitive, and played what he loved. "He had strong opinions.

Close friend Rod Wescombe announced his death news and said, "Shocked and sad to hear Paul Matters passing away. When I was living in Toronto he dropped into the house late in the hours of the party and loved to go." I met Paul in 1973 when he played bass in 'Armageddon' at the Hamilton gig, Newcastle, N.S.W.

"We played in an off-band called 'Miss Australia Band' together on a ferry gig at Lake Macquarie in late '75 after he left AC/DC. I moved south to Sunshine on the lake and Paul chilled every time he was in the area. I remember that when he was in a mood, he could always make me laugh. I lost contact with him after leaving New South Wales, as did many others over the years. He lived a solitary life from all reports in the later years and his early rock n'roll lifestyle led to ill health. Everyone who knew him will be missed.

After his 1975 AC / DC pull, Matters gave only one news interview for Fink for the book Bon: The Last Road, in which he claimed he'd been "a little lazy" and "a little slutty" but had no money enough to eat. They gave us no money to purchase food or anything.

Fink also commented on Matters 'death adding:' Ex-musician Paul Matters, another former AC / DC player, has died. RIP, dear #ACDC.


Publish : 2020-10-16 11:20:00

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