'The Batman' resumes filming despite tier 3 lockdown in Liverpool

Forthcoming superhero adaptation Despite increasing lockout restrictions, Batman has resumed filming in Liverpool.

The city was one of several cities to be placed under Tier Three restrictions due to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the UK Government's strictest lockdown band.

Set pictures illustrate Batman's Robert Pattinson riding Liverpool streets.

Liverpool residents are currently prohibited from socializing both inside and outside with different households.

Also temporarily closed are companies such as bars, bet shops, casinos, gyms, and pubs that do not serve meals.

A Liverpool council spokesman insisted on continuing to comply with safety measures.

"In Liverpool, the new restrictions will not impact the town's movies," the spokesperson told PA. News.-News. "To ensure covid-safe measures are implemented and complied with, the film office works closely with all productions."

Production had only recently restarted near London, with a hiatus during the pandemic for approximately six months.

The Batman is directed by the famous filmmaker Dawn of the Apes Planet (2014) and War for the Apes (2017), Matt Reeves. The film is a successful filmmaker.

In addition to the dark ruler Pattinson, the movie will feature Penguin's Colin Farrell and Riddler's Paul Dano, Catwoman's Zoe Kravitz, and Alfred Pennyworth's Andy Serkis.

Publish : 2020-10-15 07:59:00

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