Toronto condo shooting kills six and injures one; shooter killed by police

Police stand in the lobby of a condominium building following a shooting in Vaughan, Ontario. (Photo: AP)

As a result of a shooting in a condominium unit in a Canadian suburb, six people were killed, and one person was injured, according to authorities.

Sunday, York regional police chief James MacSween stated that one of his officers shot and killed a shooter in a Vaughan, Ontario condominium.

Mr. MacSween said: "Horrendous scene. Six fatalities. One of them is the subject of the sentence. The remaining five are victims.

A seventh victim shot by the perpetrator is currently in the hospital and is likely to survive.

The shooter was killed by police, according to officials who did not identify the culprit or the victims.

Mr. MacSheen stated that he was unaware of whether or not the shooter resided in the building.

The Special Investigations Unit of Ontario, which becomes involved when a police officer is killed or seriously injured, is investigating.

The building was evacuated, but police say there is no longer a threat to the neighborhood.

Mass shootings are uncommon in Canada, and Toronto has traditionally regarded itself as one of the safest major cities.

Canadians are apprehensive about any sign that they are approaching the level of gun violence in the United States.

Publish : 2022-12-19 16:56:00

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