Bill-Melinda Divorce

Bill-Melinda Divorce: Hiring the costly lawyers from Jeff Bezos

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Bill Gates and his estranged wife Melinda have retained a team of divorce attorneys with a track record of high-stakes divorces.

Everyone has hired high-powered lawyers who served on opposing sides of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' divorce from ex-wife Mackenzie Scott.

According to CNN, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has recruited Ted Billbe from Scott's team, and Melinda Gates has hired Sherri Anderson, who previously served on Jeff Bezos' team.

In 2019, Bezos and Scott declared their separation. Scott became the world's third wealthiest woman after her acrimonious divorce.

After 27 years of marriage, Bill Gates, 65, and Melinda Gates, 56, filed for divorce on May 3. With an estimated $130 billion in assets and no prenuptial agreement, the Gates stand to lose a lot of money.

They do, however, officially have a "separation agreement," which lays out the terms of a divorce and is typically signed at the conclusion of a marriage. In her divorce, Melinda Gates is not seeking spousal support.

Publish : 2021-05-19 09:41:00

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