CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University 70% effective and cheaper to make

In the preliminary results of its Phase 3 clinical trial, the COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford University, developed in collaboration with drugmaker AstraZeneca, has been shown to be 70.4 percent effectiv...

More than 100 people arrested in anti-lockdown protest in London

Just after 6pm, people started walking up the Strand, chanting 'freedom' and 'no more lockdown' and the police urged them to go home.

New lockdown to be imposed in England as coronavirus cases cross 1 million

Johnson made a sudden about-face on the day the United Kingdom passed 1 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and confirmed that strict restrictions on business and daily life would begin on Thursday and l...

Boris Johnson to institute national lockdown next week

The papers seen by the BBC are understood to be part of a presentation shown to Boris Johnson by the government's pandemic modeling group SPI-M.

Middle East

Hamas site in Gaza strip attacked by Israel after rocket attack

Although several militant groups are operating out of the Palestinian enclave, Israel holds Gaza's Hamas rulers accountable for any rocket fire from the region and in retaliation, usually strikes Hama...

Bomb blast at a WWI memorial in Saudi Arabia leaves 4 wounded

When an explosive device hit a ceremony commemorating the end of World War I at a cemetery in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, several people were injured on Wednesday.

Palestinian peace negotiator Saed Erekat dies of Coronavirus

Erekat, 65, died Tuesday in Ein Kerem, a suburb of Jerusalem, at the Hadassah hospital, where he was in the care of Israeli doctors. Because he received a lung transplant in 2017, Erekat was in a high...

Agreement signed by Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan to end Karabakh war

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian peacekeepers would be deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh along the corridor connecting the region with Armenia and along the contact line, according to Spu...

Break >> America

Alien Invasion in Utah: Pilots Discover Mysterious Monolith

Mr. Hutchings told the local KSLTV news channel, "That was the strangest thing I've come across out there in all my flying years."

Biden Transition green-lit by Donald Trump

"I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, o...

Florida Woman Said She Found A Decapitated Alien: Turns Out To Be A Barnacle Covered Mannequin

A woman walking a Florida beach thought she had come across a decapitated body.

Church stabbing in California leaves 2 dead, several injured

On Twitter, San Jose Police Media Relations said that response units were at the scene of the Grace Baptist Church at 484 E San Fernando St., reacting to a possible stabbing" noting that it was an act...

Break >> Asia

Al-Qaida leader dies of 'breathing problem' in Afghanistan

Arab News reported citing an anonymous al-Qaida interpreter that 69-year-old al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian-trained physician who rose to the top of the Islamic terrorist group when founder Osama bin Laden...

BREAKING: At least 8 dead after rockets hit Afghan capital Kabul

Two days before the big donor conference for Afghanistan in Geneva, the explosions near the diplomatic enclave sent warning sirens blaring from the embassies.

Students asked to stay home as Hong-Kong sees new wave of Coronavirus

Asia's financial hub has confirmed 26 new cases of coronavirus, 21 of which are locally transmitted, Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan said at a briefing.

Coronavirus cases in India crosses 9 million

In addition to more than nine million confirmed cases, according to the Ministry of Health update, some 584 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, bringing the number to 132,162.

Break >> Africa

200,000 people could be forced into Sudan as a result of Ethiopia's Tigray region conflict

"We have built a response plan together with all the agencies for about 20,000 people," Axel Bisschop, representative of the United Nations refugee agency in Sudan, told a briefing in Geneva, as repor...

Conflict escalates in Tigray region of Ethiopia, hundreds killed

In the northern region bordering Eritrea and Sudan, the flare-up threatens to destabilize the second most populous nation in Africa, where ethnic conflict has already killed hundreds since the takeove...

Egyptians start casting ballots to elect a new parliament

The first phase of voting covers 14 of the 27 provinces of the country, including Giza, the twin city of Cairo, and Alexandria, the Mediterranean city.

Nigerian protesters break curfew, Lagos in Chaos

A curfew was defied by Nigerian protesters demanding an end to police brutality as gunfire rang out where they were setting up a blockade Wednesday, the day after shots were fired at a crowd of protes...

Break >> Australia

Global child abuse ring based off Australia exposed by Police

"No child, whether a family member, a childcare worker or a soccer coach, should be subjected to abuse and violence from the individuals they trust," Gough said. "Sadly and heartbreakingly, this was t...

Australia orders 135 million more doses of Coronavirus vaccines

On Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would purchase 40 million Novavax doses of vaccine and 10 million from Pfizer and BioNTech.

Euthanasia legalized in New Zealand

With about 83 percent of votes counted, with 65 percent voting in favor and 34 percent voting against, New Zealanders emphatically endorsed the euthanasia measure.


Denmark enters lockdown as mutated coronavirus found in Minks

The move was intended to contain the virus, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said, and it came two days after the government ordered the cull of all 15 million minks bred at 1,139 mink farms in Denmar...

Russian President Vladmir Putin to step down as president in January amid fears of Parkinson's disease

Officials watching Putin's recent footage pointed out that the president's legs seemed to be in constant motion.

Greek Priest fatally shot in Lyon: Gunman flees the scene

As he was closing the church, the priest was fired twice at about 4:00 p.m. (local time) and was being treated for life-threatening injuries, the police source said.

France on high alert: Minister warns of more attacks after Nice slaughter

A day after an assailant shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (God is Greatest) decapitated a woman and killed two other people in a church in Nice, Minister Gerald Damarnin was speaking.